Filmmakers are storytellers at heart.

Now, there are storytellers and then there are THE storytellers who keep you on the edge of your chair, biting your nails, waiting for the next scene to unfold and a new drama to unravel. Their storytelling takes your though a journey, and from start to finish it keeps you fully immersed in each moment.  We all watch movies and TV shows. It’s the best way to share stories. It can take you thousands of miles away, sometimes even right inside your home, and brings out deep emotions you never thought you had.  It makes you smile, laugh, cry, feel jealous, makes you pine for lost love and creates this emotional ride for you as you watch the characters evolve throughout the narrative. You love the hero, hate the villain. Sometimes you empathize with them, but most importantly you carry them with you, even long after those moments are gone and the movie has ended.

It takes a special kind of person to draw you into such stories, and I am so proud to know someone like this… someone who is not your average videographer, someone who makes the magic of cinema happen for people like you and me. Meet Barrett from Rising Studios, a filmmaker and storyteller. His work as a moviemaker speaks for itself. He is, without a doubt, a creator. This is where you can checkout his work, and if you feel the need to create your own story via a motion picture, he can spin magic for you.

When he reached out to create branding imagery for his business, there was only one way we would do his work justice: Make the same cinematic style portraits for the man who excels in movie making!

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