Ahuja Pooja

Yes I am one of those who wouldn’t wanna miss a thing and will take my camera to my grave!

My name is Pooja and I am a certified professional photographer. I have called Bay Area my home for almost 20 years now.

A computer engineer by education but a creative by passion, profession, and education with constant hunger to learn.

My PPA certification has armed me with so much knowledge not just about my tools of the trade but also  about body posing, lighting, angles and human psyche.

I am a Canon gal and know my camera like the back of my hand. I also have a crazy green thumb. That’s why all Avocado seeds find homes in my pots!

I love pets but my obsession with dogs is at a whole different level! I work with a couple of rescues and help out when and as I can. Maybe some day when I win a jackpot I can open a dog sanctuary and help more dogs.

My biggest regret is that I missed out on my maternity and newborn photos. Back then I had no idea such a thing existed….and with twins as my first and only set of kids I wish I had beautiful photos of my babies. They are little just once…

Now they are 15 and I make sure I don’t miss milestones and genuine smiles. My dog is my third child and the most pampered baby of the house.

I create stories using photography as a medium. Portraits is my jam! Maternity, Newborn, Headshots, Business & Personal Branding and Family portraits is where I can create magic for you. I play with colors and most of my portfolio is full of vibrancy and life.

Last but not the least, portraiture is not just about a click of a button or taking a snapshot. It is about creating magic, an experience and making a stunning portrait for you which takes you down that memory every single time you see it. It is about not missing that moment, that genuine smile and enjoying the ride!

My Gurus from my industry…

We learn everyday and I am so proud that I have learnt from the best in the industry. From Steve Saporito, Megan DiPiero, Peter Hurley , Sue Bryce, Joel Grimes, Lindsey Adler , Felix Kunze, Pratik Naik and Kelly Brown. They have all been such crucial part of my journey.

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