Whats your style?

With holiday season coming up I write this so I can help people make an educated decision when it comes to choosing your photographer and creating that perfect experience  for you.  Big question to think about are : How do you want to be photographed? How do you vision your Custom Photo Session?

A couple of months back, I attended a photography workshop / conference called the Portrait Masters at Indian Wells, Palm Springs, CA.

The best part of this workshop was that we learnt from the best. Names like Sue Bryce, Kelly Brown, Joel Grimes, Peter Hurley, Michele Celentano, Lindsay Adler , Susan Stripling were no longer just names anymore. They were / are our mentors. We re-learnt the art of details and creativity from them. We polished our skills and when you have such gurus, there is a shift that happens. our mentors     Anyways, a bunch of us artists came in a day early and decided the place was too beautiful to not use it well. So we planned out a fun day at the Joshua Tree National Park. What use is your profession when you have a camera in hand, a beautiful locale, fellow artists to brain storm with and share creative ideas with a super gorgeous parachute dress. YES created from a real parachute. Oh the fellow artist / creator of the dress in our group is super talented.So one of the girls decided to be brave and model for us as we took turns to click her in that beautiful location It was so amazing to see us a bunch of photographers hovering over our beautiful model/ photographer / fellow artist like paparazzi and clicking her. That’s when it dawned on me..We all had different perspectives, different angles we were shooting from and all had our own unique vision. When we came back home after the conference , we had a different way of how we developed and presented our work. No image from the same model/ location were the same. For this shot the gear used were: Canon 5D Mark 4 Lens: Canon 24-70 f2.8L USM f4.0 1/200   Here is what I created. wedding photoshoot           A very dear friend and my fellow photographer Kapu created this: wedding photoshoot               Check out her beautiful work here and folks in New Jersey and Tri-state area, contact her for all your portrait needs : http://www.kapupatelphotography.com/ Long story short, when you are shopping for your photographer, its very important to understand what you want from your session. Let your photographer know what your vision is. When you decide to go beyond “shoot and burn” photography into getting your own custom session based on your needs, you get those amazing images that you will love forever. Talk to your photographer of what speaks to you. When we photographers invest in such workshops we educate ourselves with the latest in the photography market. We learn and re-learn art so you can get the best of service, products and experience that you deserve and love. Photographs are not just paper… they are an investment because you value them more and more with time and precious because the images captured in those moments will never come back. They are your FOREVER MEMORIES! If you are looking for a session for yourself or your family and kids especially with holidays coming up or just to capture those precious family moments, invest in a photographer that give you quality products, great images and experience to always remember.   If you are in the Bay area , California I am your photographer.

So…How do you want to be photographed?

East Bay, Bay Area family photographer