The world of pet adoption is a journey like none other. I am an avid pet lover and have a dog of my own. My Bella is not just my dog…she is my life, my furbaby and my heart. She is my shadow and I could fight a coyote for her… thats how much I love her. That is what she has taught me… unconditional love.

I followed Bella’s story when her profile showed up on the rescue site and I just knew she was the one I wanted to bring home. It is truly amazing how she found and adopted us. The day we got her home we couldn’t have imagined how much we will fall in love with her. In no time she became our family.

But our journey into her adoption opened up this world of shelters and rescues for us. I started following the journey of pets that come into these shelters and how they find their fur-ever home soon after.

A lots of those stories are easy success stories where these furbabies are picked up by good samaritians , fostered by some beautiful souls and adopted by people who are crazy in love with them..

But so many other stories that leave a mark on your heart are the ones where where a battered soul needs a lot of fixing or a body so tortured by time fails to recover. Even if we don’t know them or have seen them, they bring tears and heartbreaks.

I wonder if this is how I feel, how brave and awesomest are these rescues to have their heart broken over and over again..and still mend and heal it so as to help more furbabies.

These foster pet parents and rescues have huge hearts to hold this amount of love & compassion to brave the heartbreaks over and over and yet continue their mission to rescue pets.

So next time when you decide to bring a furbaby home, please give these beautiful souls a second chance to life.  #ADOPTDONTSHOP.

Few of the amazing rescues around bay area are:

Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue

Oakland Animal Services

Dogwood Animal Rescue

East Bay SPCA

ARF(Animal Rescue Foundation)

Doggie Protective Services

The Milo Foundation


Rocket Dog Rescue

Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue

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