It is very true that pets reflect your energy. I have been in sessions where if the fur parents are nervous, the dogs reflect their energy and never settle down. It then becomes very crucial for me to relax the pet owners in order to get the furbabies to ease down.

The key is to stay calm so you can get your furbaby to relax too for the photos.

Play with various angles

Sometimes best pet photographs are taken when you go down to their level and interact with them. It brings out amazing angles with them interacting with you more. But at the same time don’t be afraid to play with various angles. Not only does it brings out their crazy personality but also the perspective creates a variety of fun photos.

Capture them in their essence.

Think like a pet… no I mean really. They bask in the sun, get excited about a ball, drool when they hear treats and roll over to get belly rubs. Each photograph that captures a pets’ personality brings it closer to who they are when they are in their essence.

Focus on their eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. It applies to all photographs that capture anything close to being alive. With pet photography focus on their eyes and their expressions to get their soul into the photos.

Create various environments for them

Bring them into a space where they relax or bring them to a space which excites them to play. You can have fun creating beautiful pet photos by bringing them into various locations( indoors or outdoors) and giving them the space for being themselves.

Anything can be your prop

From a towel & a tub, to a silly hat, everything or anything can be a prop. Make some fun flower crowns, a silly t-shirt or even a cute bow can add so much to their personality and bring out the soul into your photos.

Think outside the box

My dog Bella loves to eat.. typical lab behaviour right??!! So I recently did a treat throw and catch session with her. Trust me it isn’t easy getting the perfect shots one after the other but we had a ton of fun and created something I will love forever. To give you a glimpse of what came from that pet photosesison…

Just have fun

At times throw the rules and tips out the door… and just have fun with them. Their time with us is much shorter and our love for our furbabies is immense. Have fun and enjoy their love… it is sometimes as simple as that.

Get a professional session done

We as a professional photographer always have a few extra talents up our sleeves. When you just want to relax and enjoy your fur baby’s photosession, ask a professional to help. We can help celebrate your pets as you celebrate them and treat them with the same love and respect as you do while we print their essense on paper for you cherish. We can also capture you capture their essence with end of life pet sessions as they get ready to cross the rainbow bridge. Treat catching is one of our speciality to capture.

A lot of our work is here ….and we are here to help create some beautiful portraits of your spirited furbaby that captures their true essence.

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