What happens when you walk in for your headshots… dreading the camera.

What happens when you don’t want to be there, but it is a formality you want to be over with?

What happens when you feel stripped, vulnerable, exposed and judged in that hot seat painfully waiting for the camera shutter to click?

What happens when your headshot photographer rolls their eyes making the experience more and more miserable each moment passing by?

What happens when you absolutely look in your headshot , exactly the way I just described your headshot experience?

Sounds familiar??

Exactly why making your head shot should NOT be a chore. It should be a reflection of the same confidence as you have when you get to your job. It should show case you in the best of light. It should not be that early morning feel when you havn’t had your coffee and are dragging your feet. A headshot needs to capture your true self, genuine smile and professionalism… all of it.

So find a photographer who provides your the experience you love and need…and doesn’t roll their eyes on you. If you/they make it a chore… you will never make the right impression.