What to wear for your headshots?

Planning your outfits for a photosession can sometimes be a very daunting task. What colors should I wear? What will look good? What would make me look like a professional? Will this be too formal or too casual? I get these questions ALL the time and clients are very appreciative of the small suggestions that help them plan their headshot outfits a tad easier.
Here are some tip that will hopefully help with your planning.
  1.  Think Solid colors. Small prints and solids look lovely for the majority of the time. Avoid patterns.
  2. Outfit choices are also dependent on your profession  and who your target market/clientele is. Always dress up for the position you want to be at not where you are right now.
  3. Avoid statement jewelry pieces unless you are a jewerly/fashion designer.
  4. A look well suited to your profession will work the best. If you are in financial or law sector, neck ties are great. When in IT at a management position,  business casual look works perfect. Here too the factors are your geographic location and the position/ job title you are in or want to get to.
  5. For women think about necklines. Look for flattering soft neck lines.
  6. Find colors that compliment you, match your eyes and skin tones. You don’t have to stick to black or neutrals.
  7. Adding a pop of color to your top and then adding a blue/black blazer over it will look amazing and will make another headshot look.
  8. Find clothing that flatters you. Don’t hide behind oversized clothes.
  9.  Iron your clothes for your headshot and remove pet hair. It is important you look professional.
  10. Avoid low cut tops.
If there are more questions we can help answer and plan your headshot session to match your career ladder, please reach out to us.

Remember its not just a headshot, It is YOUR HEADSHOT. Your corporate headshot represents you when you are not in the room to represent yourself.