Portrait Photography Trends

Portrait photographers are always looking towards the latest photography trends to inspire them. If you’ve been googling: portrait photographer near me, these are some of the top looks we’re seeing emerge in 2021.

1) Fresh Takes on Old-Timey Themes

Things come back in style from time to time, and photography is similar to fashion in that sense. Consider taking a vintage photo theme and making it your own in a fresh, modern way. There is often something glam about old-timey photos. After all, they’re called classics for a reason.

2) A Vibrant Pop of Color

Vibrant colors are in. One way to have fun with this popular trend among portrait photographers is to go black and white and only showcase certain elements or objects in color. For example, a bright bouquet of flowers.

3) Images Captured From Video

Portrait photographers are also taking advantage of video to capture the right moments. How does it work? Well, each second of video is actually made up of thirty to sixty frames. Video gives a photographer many moments to choose from, and can help create natural-looking shots that don’t look posed.

4) Minimalism

Even though bright colors are in, portrait photography is taking a turn toward minimalism. There’s a growing trend in the direction of high-contrast shots that are both minimal but vibrantly striking. Sometimes less really is more.

5) Raw Beauty

In line with this theme of minimalist photography is a grittier, raw beauty trend. We’re seeing portrait photographers embrace unconventional standards of beauty to showcase things like unusual features, scars, or birthmarks. Highlighting these differences pushes the parameters of our limited cultural perception of what it means to be beautiful, and celebrates our unique bodies. Most of all, photographers want their clients to feel empowered and seen in front of the camera.

6) Bringing Nature to the Studio

At the same time we’re seeing a rise in color, many photographers are looking for new ways to bring nature into their photo shoots. For an indoor portrait session, branches, flowers, fruit, or leaves can all add interesting textures and shadows because there’s contrast between skin and foliage. If you’re a creative type, this is a fun trend to explore.

7) I’m Ready For My Closeup

Another hugely popular trend this year is on extreme closeups. For example, a photo might focus solely on the model’s eyes, or a portion of their face and shoulder. This is a great option if you want a couple shots that capture something unique about you, like your freckles.

8) Magazine Style

And finally, another major trend are magazine style portraits. There are high-end, high-contrast Vogue style shoots, as well as more muted tones with a Vanity Fair look. You can build you own session and make magazine styled portraits.

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Photography trends are always changing as people try new things, and there’s no reason you can’t mix and match ideas to create your own aesthetic. At Pooja Photography, we have nearly a decade of professional experience capturing your most precious moments. Contact us today by calling (925) 326-2964 to learn more about what we offer, or to set up a portrait session. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and we always strive to keep things fun.