Timeless Portraits for the soul

Ever wondered what Food & Photography have in common?


There is something about best soul food that bring back memories.  It doesn’t matter what fancy silverware you eat with or what plates you eat in. The aromas from grandma’s kitchen, the sweet smell of the pastries, the taste of the curries, the flavors of love. It really doesn’t matter what plate that was served in.. all that mattered was food was dipped in love. You made so many memories around that table.

That brings back smiles, the glint of nostalgia in your eyes and the memories that never leave you.

That is exactly how legacy portraits make you feel. When you look back at your kids childhood photos, your grandma’s classy black & white photo, your first family photo, those genuine laughters  that teared you up, you feel the fuzzies inside. They take you down the memory lane and flood you with the warmth of days gone by.

So my question for you today is… Are you making those memories with your kids …Are you in those portraits with them? What will they have to look back and smile?

It is a digital era…but if the photos sit on your cloud or smartphone…how will they still be cherished if they are forgotten and don’t exist to be touched and felt?

Make portraits for your legacy, make them for a lifetime!