The perfect height

Before you start punching holes in your walls, realize that there are a couple of things you’ll need to figure out first. For instance, you’ll want to first pinpoint the center of your artwork (from top to bottom) this way that you can confidently ensure it is hung at the proper height. Another thing that’s really important for you to do is choose which height feels most comfortable. This way as you move between rooms, everything is hung at a consistent height.
There is a magic number when hanging wall art: 57-60 inches from the center of the piece to the floor . That’s the average eye height used in art galleries and by interior designers.


Typically, large or oversized artwork are installed in our clients’ homes because it fills the space beautifully…
However, when you’re working with a collection of photographs to create a gallery wall or share their story, It is imporatnt to keep the colors and think of pieces as one oversized piece to create a harmonious and timeless feel.

Spacing the artwork…

Let’s talk spacing the art pieces… when it comes to large or medium sized frames we recommend spacing them no more than 2-3” apart from one another but for small pieces you can space them 1-1.5” apart.
Artwork comes in a variety of different shapes & sizes. Which means that,  even if your collection includes pieces that are different heights, try taking a step back + think of the entire grouping as a single oversized image. This way you can find the center point + hang this “lovely grouping of images” at 57” or 60” from the floor.
And if you decide to hang that gallery-worthy collection of yours above furniture, you still want to treat it as a single oversized piece but in this case you’ll hang the entire grouping just above your table, sofa, bed or a statement furniture piece.


We’ve all been somewhere and seen how a small piece of artwork on a large wall looks out of scale. It makes the entire room feel off balance. Like there is no intention of the art piece.
When it comes to hanging small pictures consider the narrow walls in your home like the spaces between openings, to the left or right of doorways or even next to windows. And consider grouping smaller photographs together in a way that flows and shares your story.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT my older artwork

As your story evolves, so does the artwork around your home. Your story will change walls. Get creative… let your story flow across different walls. You will love to wake up every morning to see all your precious moments come back to life so you can re-live them every single day of your life!
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