Why a professional headshot matters

Dr. William Workman is an Orthopedic surgeon at Walnut Creek Orthopedics Sports Medicine.
He also  serves as team orthopedist for the Oakland Athletics (MLB).
  • Your headshot brings alive your online presence.
  • What you put up matters. You are no longer a blank box, a placeholder, not just a cut out from a family photo, not just a photo. You are a real person, a PROFESSIONAL.
  • A confident, smiling, smart, sharp and approachble real person.
  • Selfies are NOT headshots. YES thats true. You can take as many selfies as you like. They are not professional headshots.
  • Your branding logo is amazing but no substitute to you. If you represent your brand, YOU are a brand. Putting your logo instead of your headshot takes away YOU from your brand.
  • Your audience, your clientele and who you want to attract are a big part of how we make your headshots. Unless your spouse is a professional photographer, hire a pro to do the job.