Families and Children



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Does any of this sound familiar?

“I just want my kids photographed, I don’t want to be part of it, I have gained so much weight!.”

“The day I need to get my family portraits done, is the most stressful day of my year!

It is so hard to get a beautiful smiling photo of my kids.”

“I still have the photos from my family shoot from few years back on a USB somewhere …never got to putting them on the wall.”

“My kids have grown up so fast and I can’t remember when we did family photos last time.”

“Between work and school and activities, getting a photoshoot done is so hard. Next thing I know they are a year older…again.”

We know how exactly overwhelmed you are balancing work, home and kids activities. We know it takes a lot of work to put things together and the day of the photo session can get stressful. We know those empty walls you see while sipping your coffee, remind you how you need to complete them with your family photos and how there is never enough time to get to them.
We know Time flies.
That is why we are a complete solution to your family photosession. 

It is only that you want to cherish the most makes it to the wall.

Remember the first kiss and how hard your heart was beating when he touched your face?
Remember the time your baby first wrapped his little hands around your finger?
Remember how your princess played tea party with you?
Remember the first time you eyes moistened when your parents held your child?
Remember the first time you had to let go your child as they left the nest to make their own world?
Remember that feeling that you would give anything for?
Its hard to remember it all… we know that so well. But photos make those memories come to life every single time.
Now is not too late because tomorrow will be different.  The moment is now. What matters, what you treasure is right here right now. Hold on to those moments and surround yourself with the love everyday re-living them again and again.
What will remain with you when memories start to fade away are these constant reminders of love on your walls.
Building an amazing experience and family photos for our clients all over Bay Area.
My husband and I did our photo story shoot with her and it was amazingly fun and the pics came out beyond our expectations! She is a true artist and magician (she got me to relax in front of a camera, not my favorite thing).
She spent several hours with us before even scheduling the photo shoot getting to know us and our story and then magically captured it on film. She made the whole process fun and relaxing. And the photos! We are beyond pleased with the result and can’t recommend her highly enough. – ANNETTE & TIM