It is an indisputable fact that pets (we love to call them fur babies here) are family. Whether your pet is a brand new addition to your home or a long time pal, your best moments together are plentiful. Pet photography by a certified professional photographer (CPP) can turn these moments into memories that last a lifetime. Cuddles, play, exploring, napping, or making the most of quarantine… Every moment solidifies the unconditional bond between you and your furry friend. When the camera comes out, however, your lifelong pal may put their tail between their legs.

Even an overload of cuteness can be difficult to capture on camera. Distractions, unfamiliarity with cameras, and disinterest can interrupt your perfect pet photography opportunity. Still, each stage of your pet’s life with you is precious and fleeting. Ten years down the line, you’ll want to remember your dog’s sweet quirks as a puppy, or the way your cat used to flop clumsily as a kitten.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you schedule your pet photography session.

Get Prepared

To create photos that do your pet justice, think about what best represents your pet’s personality. If you have an energetic pup, squeaky toys and treats might bring out those adorable head-tilts and smiles. Alternatively, a sleepy cat might prefer a simple blanket to knead and curl up on. You don’t want photos of a bored pet, so gather up your little one’s favorite things to keep them entertained during the session.

Keep Them Comfortable

When you book a session, you’ll want to make sure that your pet feels at ease. Pet photography is all about snapshotting all the glory and goofiness that is your furbaby, and to capture that, we want them feeling right at home! Let them explore the new scents, surroundings, camera equipment, and props before the photoshoot. This will help your pet feel confident and ready to strike their best pose.

Make it Playful

Now is the time for fun! Every pet has its own unique quirks and personality, and no one knows how to bring out those puppy dog eyes better than you. Bring out the toys, treats, “who’s-a-good-boy”, and anything that gets your pet in their element. Capture their attention to get the perfect posed photo, or get a blissful candid shot during a satisfying belly rub. Props, costumes, tricks and treats… The sky is the limit when it comes to your furbaby. The perfect portrait is built from the love you and your pet share, so jump in and give them some chin scratches and nose nuzzles!

Scheduling Pet Photography

Pooja Photography can capture your pet’s personality in a portrait! Pooja works with you and your beloved pet to create a work of art you can cherish. Whether you prefer an album or an elegant piece of wall art, Pooja makes pet photography personalized and easy.

To contact for booking requests, queries, or pre-consultations, simply call (925) 967-4245 or visit the “Contact Us” tab on the website by clicking here. Pooja Photography can’t wait to capture the love story between you and your pet! Pooja’s inspired pet photography will help you design the perfect way to honor your pet and show them off to the world. Contact us today to set up your appointment!