What is your target audience?

Your headshot is based on a multitude of factors. Some seem very simple but suble factors can make or break the impression you are trying to make.

Never take the power of a great headshot and it’s impact lightly.

Things to consider

What industry do you serve?
What should you wear for your headshot?
What does your headshot convey when people look at it?

What industry do you serve?

What to wear for your headshot?

A good headshot photographer can create various impressions from just one outfit and can give you a variety of looks. But it is always wise to carry atleast two outfits choices with you. Discuss ahead of time and plan out the look you are going for. Sometimes something as simple as adding a blazer will add to the look.

The key is :

  • Keep it simple and classy.
  • Bring outfits that fit you and compliment you.
  • Stay with solid colors. Avoid patterns & large prints.
  • Add in a blazer or a coat to create additonal look.
  • Rice/Oil Blotting paper fixes shines and that is something that can be fix during retouching as well.
  • Bring a hairbrush/comb with you to fix the strays.
  • For women having a lipstick handy is a great idea.
  • Women-Think neck lines and bring choices.
  • Keep jewelry light and elegant. Idea is to focus on YOU not the necklace unless you are a jewelry designer.

What does your headshot convey when people look at it?

Micro expressions make a HUGE difference in your first impression. A good headshot photographer will understand that and will guide to creating the right expression for the job.

Create impressions based on your goals.

We worked with the owner of a remodeling company to create various looks for his business. Not only did we create a variety but also planned out targeted headshots based on his goals.

Make your headshot stand apart to emphasize on you. Making an impression starts with a positivity and an AMAZING headshot. We specialize in creating the best headshot for you. Afterall it is the first impression that seals the deal. Now helpign clients all over bay area. We also support on-location headshots for larger companies.