What is a photograph without a soul?

Photographer is a very loosely used term. Everyone with a camera is now a “Photographer”. Don’t get me wrong…I am a culprit too.

When I thought of starting this journey as a professional, I was equipped with nothing but just the confidence that I could take photos. I mean C’mon..

As I have progressed in this journey, trained, experienced and understood the value of art, I have realized a few things along the way.

It takes an eye to see the story.

It takes an eye to see the moment.

It takes experience to bring out the soul into a photograph. It is that what turns a photo into a portrait…a work of art.

Afterall what is a photograph without soul in it?

What brings soul into a photograph?

Passion & Patience

Passion to genuinely care and know someone. Passion to create for them.Passion to celebrate their story with them. Passion to hear them, to know them.

Patience to walk with them as they explore and experience what create portraiture feels like? Patience to pace yourself with them and then to create their story exactly how they visioned it with you.

You cannot rush art. You cannot rush soul. Just like you cannot rush a journey to the end…the end matters only if the journey is right!! photographer near me, artists, photos with soul, photography is an art, bay area best portrait photographer