Pet Portraits- The missing link between someone we love and a moment in time.

Are you looking for “pet photography near me”? Portrait photographers know that your pets mean the world to you… They aren’t really pets. They become our furbabies.

The way they roll over.

The way they (in their very special way ) smile.

The way they nudge your hand to pet them.

The way their tiny feet pitter-patter when you open the door, running to greet you with endless kisses, like you were gone for far too long.

The way their tails express the sheer joy of treats.

The way they look at you when you sweet talk to them.

The way they make their home in your heart.

The way they chase squirrels at the park.

The way they live each day, cherishing the simple moments.

Portrait photographers try to capture the spirit of you and your loved ones, which often includes pet photography too.

If you’re looking for a “pet photographer near me,” know that the art of the portrait experience, and what sets us apart, is that we love to understand our clients—including the ones with four legs. We want to know what makes you tick, what is that something special that you love about your furbaby and want to cherish forever with pet photography.

Is it the goofy smile?

Is it their soulful eyes?

Is it the way you hold them close and dance?

Is it the way they play princess with the kids?

Is it the way they roll over with that big grin ?

This is Heather and Mark’s journey with their family in portraits. Even with Ellie crossing over the rainbow bridge, she will continue to be a part of their lives forever. Nothing will ever change that… nothing should. Their dance together since Ellie came into their life has been sealed with pet portraits as a legacy to last a lifetime. As Ellie’s legacy lives on, her love and her spirit will continue to heal her family and the hole she left behind.

Portrait photographers know that pet photography is the bridge that helps heal, a sweet reminder of the selfless companion you were lucky to share your time with.

Dear Ellie Bellie ( as her mama called her), you will be missed. But you were so loved.

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