Have you been googling “dog photographer near me”? Pet photography is becoming a popular art form these days. People love to capture their furry or feathered friend in such a way that they look as adorable as possible! But when is the best time to get professional pet photography done? Here are 6 ideas to inspire you if you’ve been googling: pet photography near me.

1) You’re Celebrating Your Pet’s Birthday

A pet photography session is a great way to celebrate and commemorate the life of a pet. Make sure to have everyone in the photo with their presents for a cute shot. These sessions are a lot of fun, but be warned, though, they might be so much fun that you end up wanting to do it again next year!

2) You Have a New Puppy

Pet photography is also a great way to document your young pet’s growth! The puppy stage doesn’t last very long, but it’s sweet to look back on. If you’re searching for: dog photographer near me – a fun idea is to schedule a yearly pet photography session to capture the stages. Or, you could even hire a pet photographer to document those early months to really portray just how much your puppy grows and changes over time.

3) It’s a Special Holiday

Pet photography can also be a great way to include your pet during any important holidays that you celebrate with friends or family. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate these special occasions with your pet. They’re part of our families, after all. In a lot of cases, they’re almost like children to some people. A great way to enjoy the holidays is by making memories with our pets, and this can include googling: dog photographer near me – to get started.

4) As a Gift

Speaking of holidays, pet photography is always a thoughtful gift. You can take pet portraits as gifts for friends and family members. Of course, you can be in the photos, too! Pet photography is a good gift because it’s sentimental and it’s also a record of special times of the year. If you’re looking for – pet photography near me, a professional photographer can help you come up with the perfect photos for your loved ones.

5) There’s a Baby in the House

You might want pet photography when you have a new baby in the house. Why? Because they share a very special relationship! This bond only gets stronger with time, but to see your furbaby protecting his or her new sibling makes for such a heart-melting portrait. Children and pets are both little bundles of joy, and they can share the limelight. There are lots of reasons to take pet portraits—you don’t have to be a new parent to find an excuse to book a session, but this is one of the more adorable trends.

6) Memorial Portraits

Most families have pet portraits taken for an end-of-life session. When a pet gets diagnosed and doesn’t have many days left, we see a portrait session being planned. Yes, of course that’s the trend, but don’t wait until there isn’t much left for them. Get your session done while they’re still healthy. Professional pet photography makes it easier to remember your beloved pet while they are still happy and pain free, and can offer comfort and healing after they’re gone.

Schedule Pet Portraits

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