Ask a mom. She will tell you how some days she nearly loses it but keeps it together. How she puts her heart and soul into her family, her kids, her fur babies and how much she loves them despite everything that falls in her lap. Yes days are longer but years go by faster.

Being a mom is the one of the hardest and yet most satisfying job ever. To hold someone you love and care about , to see them through this journey of life is what makes the world going.

Mother’s Day is a tribute , a tribute to someone who holds a mother figure in your life. Your mom, your grandma, your step mom, your nanny., mom to your furbabies.. anyone whose maternal love influenced your life deserves a tribute everyday but more so on Mother’s Day.

To those moms in your life, we might not make it into any history book , but we are part of our family legacy. A legacy that will share your story with your family as time goes by. EXIST in your photographs. BUILD a legacy portrait to proudly display on your wall. A selfie never made it to legacy… and never will. Celebrate motherhood and cherish each precious moment that life shares with you. After all who has seen tomorrow? Live a little and exist in your legacy.

For those who would love to create exquisite portraits to celebrate Mother’s Day ( even if a little late due to the Covid situation), ask us about the Mother’s Day special. We promise it will give you the best gift of love you can offer to the person you love the most.

Happy Mother’s Day.