The thing about newborns is that they aren’t little for very long.

The saying, ‘the days are long but the years are short’ is perfectly accurate when it comes to raising a child. Because this special time goes by so quickly, it’s a good idea to capture your baby in this stage with a newborn photography session. That way, you’ll have the memories preserved forever.

Once you’ve scheduled your baby’s first photo session, you may start to think about the ways you can best capture his or her personality. Luckily, in the baby photography space, there are lots of sweet techniques, so photographers know how to do this. Read on to find out more about them so that you can come prepared with an idea of what you want when your baby has their first precious portrait session.

1) Florals

Flowers are a lovely compliment to a newborn baby. This is because soft petals and gentle colors are reminiscent of a new baby’s disposition. At Pooja Photography, we often use florals to accentuate a sweet baby’s features, placing them around a sleeping baby’s swaddle. Sometimes, we even use flowers to create interesting designs or spell out words to compliment a child’s pose.

Because flowers come in so many varieties, they are a good way to add pops of color to your baby’s newborn portrait. They make the finished product look even more beautiful.

2) Textiles

Textiles can be used to keep your newborn comfortable and cozy during the photo session. They can also contribute to your preferred color palate during the newborn photography session. If you would like a portrait that’s more neutral, beige or cream colored textiles can be used to surround your newborn. If you would like something brighter and more colorful, shades of blue, pink, or purple can be used. The choice is yours.

To bring texture into the photograph, we can use materials like faux fur, sheepskin, burlap, or linen. These fabrics all have distinct texture profiles. Each one can be used to give your portrait a different look and feel. The great thing about using textiles is the diversity of options that are available. It is up to you to use what calls out to you the most. The sky’s the limit.

3) Hands

Another special way to capture newborn photography is to use hands in the photo. Sometimes, a mother, father, or caregiver can cradle the child in their hands. Often, newborns are still small enough to fit. The hands become a backdrop to the portrait. They convey a sense of warmth, love, protection and intimacy. It’s also a nice way for a caregiver or family member to be included in the portrait session.

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