Photographing babies in their truest form.
“Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore.”

Becoming parents is a huge milestone for every couple, especially when it is your first time. You want the best for your child. You want to give them the world of happiness and keep them safe. The emotion is strong and your nest is finally complete. Most common questions I get asked by the new parents is when is the right age to get your newborn baby photographed? Ideally I suggest shopping for your photographer should start fairly early. Sometime in the your second/third trimester , start looking for the newborn photographers near your area. See their styles and match to yours. If you decide to create memories of this journey I highly recommend a maternity session as well. It is a milestone and no matter how you feel about your body at that stage, it doesn’t last forever. The maternal glow demands you create beautiful photos of you and your partner enjoying this little life happening inside you. Ideally the maternity session can be done anytime between 32-36 weeks but it varies per individual situation as well. It is of utmost importance you identify the right person who will be photographing your precious baby. Safety and hygiene are highest in priority. Once you have decided on the photographer who will be creating memories for you, talk to them to create your vision. Show them your nursery colors so you have beautiful wall art for the baby room. Check out their exclusive products and match them to your home. Call your photographer when you head out to your delivery room so they can get you on their calendar asap. The best age to photograph newborn is between 6-14 days. A good photographer will take the time to explain and walk you through the whole process. Share your story with them to help them create some amazing memories for you. Maternity photographer, san ramon photographer, bay area photographer, san ramon newborn photographer, best baby photographer near me, dublin photographer, newborn photographer bay area.