Why do you need Professional Head shots and Branding?

Big question right?

Why do I need professional head shots?

Why can’t I crop and use the beautiful photograph I have from my family photograph from my last get together?

Why do I need branding? What will it do for me as a business?

Why do I need a “Professional” image for LinkedIn or my website.


Answer to your question are few more questions!! 🙂

Do you want to show how successful you are?

Do you want to be the candidate that gets picked when employers visit your linkedIn profile and your head shot stands out and it conveys trust and confidence?



split second judgement

Now that we know why Head shots are important , here is why you need to get it done professionally.

  • Head shots and branding are are ALWAYS about the PEOPLE…
  • „Most important aspect of a headshot is ….CONNECTION CONNECTION CONNECTION

„ALMOST everyone finds facing camera overwhelming and scary. a professional can help ease your fear and pose and light you beautifully. It brings out the confidence in your body and eyes.

„Believe it or not, professionals make sure your headshot matches your brand.

If you are not convinced yet, call me :). Here are some examples of head shots and branding and you can check out more here: