What is WPPI??

WPPI refers to Wedding and Portrait Photography International. It is a competition, a workshop, a conference and a platform to bring artists together from all around the globe. It is a place where artists alike meet and learn from the masters of photography, share ideas and strengthen their tribe.

The more I found out about WPPI the more I wanted to be there… to be inspired and to experience the magic of ART.

So I gathered courage this year and submitted my art into the competition and that felt like putting your heart and soul out there for people to see and critique.

I am so glad I took the steps to make it here to WPPI this year. I sat through countless hours of judging sessions , watched various categories being evaluated and ranked. And I can confidently claim that I will NEVER be able to look at the photographs the same way.

This being a print competition, each art piece needs to be in the perfect format for submission. And this being my first time I learned so much about  how the quality of paper or  matting of the art piece can make or break the impact of your art piece.

The print can show every single detail of your photograph. It can show flaws, beauty and every pixel that your image is made of. I have learned so much in these two days just watching the judges critique art. Every critique is worth a million that will help me grow as an artist.

I am so proud to announce that one of my photographs was awarded the “Honors of Excellence Silver Distinction Award“.

It is a HUGE honor to be able to sit amongst these amazingly talented photographers and be able to showcase your work and share the wall with them. My work proudly hangs on the gallery wall here at WPPI among the super talented artists and it is such a humbling feeling.

WPPI…you that  bag of chips I would love to come again and enjoy because one is never enough.

This is my Award winning Image.

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