My Daughter, My Muse, My Legacy

My Daughter, My Muse, My Legacy

Much before I had kids, my camera was still my passion. Only that the passion was buried under the part of “Get Education”, “Get a job”, “Prove yourself “, “Be independent ” and “Get married”. Once all those phases of life were over, I was able to get back into following my passion. My passion always lied with clicking landscapes. Every breathtaking view I saw needed to be captured. Every green mountain called my name. Honestly, I had no clue what I was doing. I clicked only for myself and believe it ot not, only in the Auto camera mode. 

Slowly as I got back into the groove, I was finding myself into spending more time looking at other people’s work and trying to make sense of what they were doing.  

Another phase of life started soon after called” Kids”. And once again, it got crazy trying to raise twins. But this time, my camera turned to them and every month me and my husband tried to make an effort to click as many pictures of the kids as we could. That was the time when smartphones were just coming into the market.

We realized as part of the routine, we had tons of pictures but a lot of them has so much shake cos I was still new to knowing my camera and understanding it well. We also realized we weren’t really part of the pictures cos it was always about getting them into the photos. So we decided to go to a chain store to get our family pics done.

Long story short, after hours of effort to get the kids ready and dealing with cranky little ones, we made it late. Our slot was gone, we waited some more and got some prints, which I won’t say, were bad. The white backdrop looked like gray. There was no effort to pose us so we stood where we stood and we posed with what we knew. We got 20 minutes in which we had our session. Waited for an hour in the chain store studio, selected our prints and walked out feeling victorious that we survived our session. At least we got prints with kids, our parents and us.

That same victorious feeling was soon replaced by..I need more. I deserve better. I need to learn.

A dear friend of mine told me I sucked at lighting. Ok now I suck at knowing my camera and light control. It was time to either learn better or to stop calling photography my passion. 

My journey where passion met profession started that day. I have never looked back and I am so grateful that I got support and a chance to make my passion into a profession. Not many are blessed that way. I understand not everyone can value custom photography or what I offer for I am so content with people I can help. People who value what I can cerate for them. Something a chain store or a shoot and burn photographer cannot offer. I offer you my time, my talent, my experience, my expertise, my vision and your own custom session, which is uniquely yours. It took my years and lifetime of journey to understand the science of photography… and I am enjoying the journey I have embarked upon.

My little ones gave me the much-needed push and every year we create portraits. Portraits of our family, portraits of our kids and print them and proudly hang them on our walls.

Every year my daughter, my muse, my model lets me learn on her. She’s an artist at heart and understands her mother so well. She puts up with me so patiently with a book in her hand, giving me time to setup the light exactly as I want.  

So every year I create a series of portraits for my kids and honestly it’s mostly with my daughter. She has the patience of an angel and lets me get creative with her. I have learned so much just cos of her and I am able to create my legacy via her. 

In my heart I wish, hope and pray that someday when she grows up, she will value them. Love them and the generations to come will treasure my legacy…her legacy…our legacy.

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