When you say, it’s just a headshot, you actually’s just a job. For those who don’t treat their work as “just a job” , love what they do and believe in right first impressions, there are great headshots, not just headshots.

There are three parts where headshots are different from amazing or great headshots.

Preparation: This is the most important step to any headshot. From making sure your styling matches your profession and the message you want to convey via your headshots. Talk to your photographer to help with the preparation.

Session: The actual session goes so much smoother if the planning is well done. The execution largely will depend on how much you are vested into making this a success. Make sure your photographer is patient and can get the best out of you. 

Completion: Once you have picked your best headshots they need to be completed. Good retouching leads to great images once they are combined with your efforts to make this a success. 

Headshot is your image, your face , your first impression into a job, making a client pick you from the lot and opening many doors to different opportunities. Are you doing it right??

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