Sometimes life gets to us and sometimes we procrastinate. I have heard many reasons or excuses in this journey and when the need arises, the headshots are needed like yesterday.
People need to recognize the professional in you from your headshot.
Yes zoom has us working in PJs but is that how you want to be professionally known?

Here are a few that are the most common reasons I have heard.

1- I hate getting my photos taken.
2- I am not photogenic.
3- Oh you don’t know what you are working with. (Points to him/her self)
4- I’ll get to it when I get to it. The need is not urgent… my 5 year old headshot still works.
5- But I need to lose 20 pounds before I get new photos taken.
6- I like my older self photo from 10 years back.
7- But I am not looking for a new job.
8- The company release needs a new photo but its still a month away. I can wait.
9- I have nothing to wear for my photos.
AND My most favorite of all
10- I have no time.

It’s time to invest in your career and your business. If that doesn’t matter, then all these excuses apply just fine.

If you need a new headshot, we are a call away. 925-967-4245