Giannis Italian Bistro

We are in this together…

“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” 

Covid-19 has created havoc in everyone’s world. People have been stuck inside, trying to keep their family safe and amongst  all this turmoil our economy has been shaken deep. The worse affected in this turmoil are our small local business like restaurants, cafeterias, bistros …all those store fronts that still have a rent to pay and not enough coming in to even break even at this stage.

Meet Melanie, co-owner of Giannis Italian Bistro at San Ramon, CA. Giannis is a family owned Italian Bistro on the busy street of San ramon Valley Blvd….well when its not a lockdown period. But things have been very different lately for this beautiful cozy restaurant.

Melanie and Gianni are the owners of this mind blowing, finger-licking , too good to be true, yummy Italian food place. They are avid animal lovers, and donate towards various non-profits. They also give back to the community every week with their “Tips for Change” Monday nights at Giannis Bistro and have been doing so since last 9 years. It had been a beautiful journey until recently when the Covid-19 took over our lives.

This year… things have changed so much and is probably the hardest this restaurant have seen in this journey. 

Giannis have lost 75% of its business, more than half of the staff and there are days when Gianni and Melanie can’t even breakeven their costs. They are still working so hard to keep their employees working and pay them so they can support their families. Their staff are their family and its hard for them to get their family lose their survival means.

Despite the hardships our local beloved restaurant is going through, Melanie is so utterly grateful to the loyal patrons that keep the restaurant doors open and the spirits of the employees high with hope and joy. 

Giannis have done so much for the community that its only fair that now that when the they need our help, the community comes together to do their part.

The restaurant is open, pivoting their business to keep the safety standards, keeping their patrons informed and up to date as they work their way into the changed world.  So next time your taste buds are craving gourmet Tomato Basil Sauce and mouthwatering meatballs, think of Giannis. Your tummy will thank you and so will your local businesses. I think that is a win-win for everyone.

Bringing smiles and hope back to the faces that make up our beautiful community. 

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