Life has it’s ups and downs…

we call them squats!!

John Gillham is the owner and head trainer at Gillham Fitness located in Lafayette. If you have nagging injuries (shin splints, hip/back/knee pain) or are looking for an athletic competitive advantage he uses slow motion video to pinpoint exactly why you are hurting and build a plan to take you to the next level. Gillham Fitness, a small gym doing big things.

Gillham Fitness is a local business based out of Lafayette, CA.

Fitness branding is very different from your standard branding. Here your story’s hero might not get all the spotlight. He might stand behind in shadows and instruct, guide, help & coach, bringing out the best health in people.

It’s bringing forth the hard work, the sweat, the getting past the aches and pains that build your muscles, add endurance and stamina to your life. How do you brand that??

How do you bring the sense of achievement into an image? How do you show that pensive moment of sheer silence into a photograph?

There was a lot to show in John’s Branding. Impactful moments where fitness is celebrated by people like you and me and a coach in true sense motivates you to achieve what you always wanted to.