Businesswoman headshots, Floors by Fall Design

Falling in Love with your floors with Fall Design

A Woman with different Avatars, a force, an entrepreneur, a warm friend, a loving mom, a humble human being and a powerhouse that can don various hats to passionately build her business of creating gorgeous floors for her clients.

Meet ROSE from Fall Design.

I am one of the lucky ones to have met Rose years back. I have seen her emerge like a force and a strong businesswoman that she is today. From very humble beginnings and finding her path as a successful business woman Rose has come out strong. Her first job in child care taught her love, compassion and care that I see in eyes when she is interacting with her amazing sons.

A flooring journey might not be where she had planned to start or even love, but her passion and enthusiasm has given her a gift she loves and wood floors are her canvas where she unleashes her creative side.

Her journey has taken her from a colorful world of Graphic design to the rich amazing tones a wood can bring into your home.

 What makes Rose different is the that in an industry where men are predominant Rose stands tall, is highly respected by the fellow artists and the men that bring her project to completion. 

Nothing in life ever goes waste. Rose’s background of graphic design is that creative side which comes forward when she designs the perfect wood pattern and color for your floors. The pinks, warm reds , yellows and greens are just few of the colors she plays with. Wood are her toys and design is her playground. Check out her beautiful portfolio HERE.  

This is Rose’s In pursuit of happiness story, a journey that started with the courage to find her calling and continues with thirst for more from life. 

So when you are thinking of doing your floors, create gorgeous art work on your floors with Rose from Fall Design.

Businesswoman headshots, Floors by Fall Design