Motherhood… A journey, An adventure like none other.

Motherhood… A journey like none other. Often compared to the Jurassic ride where you experience a range of emotions from love, want & need to stress, responsibility & worry.

Once you become a mother , the mind never rests and we as moms always worry even when we let kids do their share of mistakes.

But with motherhood comes so many changes …

A woman’s body changes. It supports a new life , pumping blood and hormones inside as it creating a new body inside.

Maternity sessions are very close to my heart. They not only give me a chance to connect with women on a personal level but also understand their story. This is that story that makes my sessions so very unique.

Today I want to share about a maternity session I did recently for a client.

This beautiful lady is very special to me. I have known her for some time now and when she trusted me with her maternity and newborn session, I knew I had to create something amazing for her.

I think she looks like a DIVA, a goddess in her element. Don’t you think?

If motherhood had to be put into a picture, it would be this. Happiness, Glow, Love, Confidence and Passion.

More than once I have been asked how I relax my clients for their sessions. And the answer lies in trust and connection. When a client walks into your studio as a client but walks out as a friend , gives you a big hug and shares an honest smile.. you know you did your job well.

And for the mothers , this Mother’s Day, trust someone to create something amazing for you. Chocolates and flowers are only short lived. Spend quality time with your loved ones and don’t shy away from the camera this Mother’s Day. These photographs will be the legacy you hand down to your generations to come. Give them a chance to know you via photographs and trust a professional to make your unique story on paper and ink.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all those who care about someone as a mother. It’s not just about giving birth, it’s about loving someone unconditionally with all your heart.

Essence of Motherhood starts and ends with LOVE.