when jack met nancy

Meet Jack & Nancy. My friends, my advisors and owners to a very successful local business Diablo Carpet and Floor Restoration. 

But there is more to them that just those three words I just used to describe them.

I met Jack few years back at a business meeting. He was part of my business group until I actually started knowing him as an individual. The more we chatted the more I realized the kind of giving generous soul he is. I think them adopting Luke( Bella’s pup) was the time I really realized their compassion and the love they have for everyone around them.

They hardly talk about themselves. If you know Jack… he is a listener and really good at that. He will give you his un-divided attention, support you, advise you and force you to think outside the box and get better. Giving is part of who he is. That is such a core part of him that of course he is a rotarian. He puts his heart and soul into the community. Works closely with the local business & supports The Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area just to name a few. His better half is his grounding and sounding board. Nancy is wise, compassionate , an avid animal lover and a rescuer. Together they have rescued and adopted so many pets that its hard to keep count.

They also run this amazing service business of keeping wellness and health into people’s homes and workspaces by restoring flooring and cleaning carpets. From pet stains in loving homes to wine stains in a welcoming home, he ensures his business runs on integrity and delivering on what he promises.

When I met his employees Martin, Marcos, Josimar & Bruce, I could see their bond with Jack. To share that trust with their “boss” is something thats worth a treasure.

Their story together is nothing short of an inspiration. To get to a stage in life from where you struggle to making ends meet to running a multi employee successful business is nothing less than a feat.

So why did I decide to share this aspect of Jack & Nancy today?  Because when I create headshots or portraits for people, the faces that are in front of my camera are not just faces. They are living breathing people who are just like me in many aspects and to know them becomes my privilege. Today is my day to share who they are as service providers, as a business owner but most importantly.. as people. WARM, COMPASSIONATE, GIVING & HONORABLE.

Such amazing people need to be recognized and applauded.

Check out Jack & Nancy at Diablo Carpet and Floor Restoration.