Art of Your Forever

“I’ve carried a child within my body. I’ve slept with them on my chest. I’ve kissed toes and wiped away tears. I’ve been vomited on, peed on, and spent sleepless nights cradling my child. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. My body isn’t magazine perfect but when I look in the mirror, I see a mama. And there is no greater honor, love or blessing.” – Unknown

Creating art for maternity and newborn photo sessions, Creating Art for your forever

Motherhood is a journey. From carrying a little soul inside to carrying your heart in your arms. You body is not your own anymore. Every decision you take is not your own anymore. The most amazing journey there can be.

When my client booked me for her maternity and newborn photography session, she also gave me the permission to create for her. My vision to create at art peice for her needed patience. Art cannot be rushed. It needs love into making.  She ran with my vision and brought it to life. She not only gave birth to her beautiful daughter, she also birthed life into my vision and her forever portrait. 

It is not just a photo, it is a journey…from being a woman to being a mother. One Vision, One Image but a lifetime of stories in it.