Conception and Wellness with Carine Camara

Carine Camara is an intuitive guide, acupuncturist and energy medicine practitioner. Her mission is to help people heal. Carine’s offerings/services are a unique blend of intuitive and energetic healing, practical science, and care. She has devoted her life to the study of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. For the last 20 years, she has immersed myself in the healing sciences. Carine began by studying plant based nutrition, to heal her own physical issues, and later obtained my Masters in Chinese Medicine. Her practice and knowledge continued to expand, as she trained in Energy Medicine, and works closely with spiritual coaches, teachers and more. Carine has an online practice and a holistic clinic located in Lafayette – where she serves the community.

Carine is dedicated to helping women fulfill their dreams to grow their family. Women that are struggling with fertility, acupuncture is a wonderful addition. It can help balance your hormones, support your immune system, strengthen your digestion and overall health. And most importantly, acupuncture calms your nervous system – vital for stress and anxiety management.

To learn more please visit her website: and follow Carine on Instagram:@carinejcamara.