Our special guest Dr Christina Alba is an amazing, caring and a family chiropractor based in Lafayette, CA.
She specializes in care for women and kids and has been very kind with sharing her knowledge and wisdom on how chiropractic care can help women conceive.
We understand conception can sometimes be an emotional journey that can take a toll on families. So we asked Dr Christina how the science behind the chiropractic treatment works and can benefit women trying to have a family.
We asked, she gladly answered.
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How can a chiropractic adjustment help improve the likelihood of conception?

As you know the brain is the master controller of all our movements and functions. The brain with its spinal cord and its vast network of spinal nerves, communicates to every cell, tissue, muscle, organ and system, including the reproductive system. So when the pelvic bones (aka hip bones) become contorted, twisted and out of alignment it’s harder for the spinal nerves to send the proper signals to a woman’s reproductive areas to conceive. It’s like a traffic jam. The chiropractic adjustment can help realign this area, allowing for direct nerve flow to this area. At Rivulet Chiropractic Dr. Christina has many female patients who desire to become pregnant, have tried so many things and nothing…no conception. After a series of chiropractic adjustments a woman’s nervous system functions better and she is able to conceive more naturally.

What’s the value of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

We go back to improving pelvic balance. When the pelvis is misaligned, the ligaments connecting the pelvis to the uterus become tight, taut and distort the baby’s environment, similar to twisted bedsheets that restrict the baby’s movement. The chiropractic adjustment to the pelvis releases tension to the ligaments and uterus, creating space for the baby to move more freely and properly position itself for birth. Dr. Christina of Rivulet Chiropractic specializes in a chiropractic technique to allow for smoother, easier and safer birth called the Webster Technique. At each stage of pregnancy the Webster Technique reduces interference to the mom’s nervous system and improves her physiology. When a mom’s physiology functions well, then the baby’s birth outcome is improved. Balanced pelvis means balanced muscles, ligaments and tendons, and hence a safer and more natural birth.

How can chiropractic care help after pregnancy?

Like an athlete wanting to return to their game, chiropractic care after pregnancy is a gentle and effective way for a mom to ease her body back to where it was pre pregnancy. Whether a new mom’s breastfeeding in nursing posture or still recovering from pregnancy stitches the chiropractic adjustment can help restore her to back to normal.
Tell me more about Dr Alba from The Rivulet Chiropractic.
Chiropractic care is very crucial for the well being not only for women and babies but everybody. However conception is an emotional journey and we don’t take it lightly. We believe women deserve and need all the emotional and medical support at this curcial stage and we are so glad to be part of this journey with them.
When you are with us , you are family. Visit her at The Rivulet Chiropractor.
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