UPDATE: 02/09/2022
Please know as we work with a lot of families, babies, soon to be moms and individuals we will continue taking extra precautions during this pandemic.Each county makes their own rules and we respect that but we will continue keeping our masks on during the sessions. We are vaccinated and boosterized. Our studio will continue being sanitized and we will keep all safety precautions in place. If you or us get sick before the session, we will need to re-schedule for later.

“These are mad times we live in..MAD” – Prof. Slughorn from The Half Blood Prince.
Yes these indeed are mad times. So much has changed in the last few months. COVID hit us bad..all of us. It robbed us of making memories for our clients. It stopped us from creating those beautiful portraits of the little babies that parents wait eagerly for. Those tiny toes, those sweet dreamy smiles.. moments that are now lost to time.
But we used the time well. We used it for building our business and bonding with our clients.
We worked on adding better products that we can bring into the studio and offer our clients.
A good artist is constantly growing and learning.
We had been busy working towards getting our professional photographer’s certification. We had also been getting the studio and business ready for post lockdown.
So when the lockdown lifted, we were ready. We were prepared to make sure we keep us and our clients safe. Prepared to add more love, care and safety to our sessions so we can ensure our clients are not denied of the joy that these moments will bring and cherished for life. So now that our studio is ready to capture those first impressions and the moments that matter, we are able to do what brings happiness into our lives.
Here is what we have been doing and these new studio policies help us help our clients with safety as our first priority.


All Pre-Consultation & Discovery calls are via a zoom now.
Masks are worn during the entire session especially by the photographer. For the safety of the client and the artist, hands are constantly sanitized and all needed precautions are heeded to.
For Family & Branding sessions we maintain the social distance, mask on during the entire time. The planning ahead makes it efficient to run the session smoothly.
If you or your family members happen to be sick , come in contact with someone with COVID symtoms or if we get sick, the session is postponed for until when everyone is healthy. SAFETY is our priority #1.

All paperwork is now digital signatures. We will send the release and consent forms ahead of time for e-signatures.

We at this point are not offering any add-on hair and makeup services or access to studio wardobe to avoid any COVID spread. Sessions are now limited to photographer and clients that are being photographed.
Snacks are no longer offered in studio for obvious safety reasons. You are welcome to bring your own.

Per the CDC guidelines we maintain the recommended social distance and take all the needed precautions. Our masks are always on.
While you are with us , we take care of you like family and safety is of crucial importance to us.

Outdoor sessions
We have been doing a lot more outdoor sessions.
We are limiting the sessions in open space with low foot traffic only. We avoid playground areas.
Studio Sessions:
We have been keeping everything extra clean. Our studio gets an more scrubbings and sanitized right before and after the session.
Sanitizer, additional masks and gloves are placed in easy access inside the studio for everyone’s safety.
We are still able to maintain social guidelines and distance while doing the in-studio headshots or family photography.
During COVID times for our newborn session we are restricting our sessions to only the newborn, the parents & the baby’s siblings.

newborn session
Safe Certificate