When I start talking with businesses for their branding needs, the first step is always to understand what they do, what their business message is and what they plan to achieve with their branding content.

So when ClearPath and I started chatting, the idea was to define the session, identify the message so its clear what the clients see, figure out the branding style and colors and capture the essence of the people who give their best to make the business succeed.

Who is Clear Path?

ClearPath Business Advisors is dedicated to helping business owners build a healthy sellable business whether they plan to sell or not. Their involvement with owners of businesses who are looking to grow and build their business is unique, providing the right strategies while being sensitive to how personal the experience can be for all involved.

Why did ClearPath rebrand now?

Recently, ClearPath added some new members to its team and it was a great opportunity for them to enhance their headshots and show off their personalities a bit more. It was amazing to work with a group of people who love helping business owners succeed. When I talked to them about the role they each play in the process, everyone lit up with joy explaining how they bring success and trust to their clients.

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