We asked & Ernie Answered- Business branding done right with Sexton Group  – Real Estate

When I met Ernie I had a feeling this project will be fun. And FUN it was. He is one of people that brings smile around with his aura and attitude of genuine care. There is always a story behind a person , a project, a company  and as a branding photographer I am always looking for that story in my projects.  That story helps me capture the essence of who people are and what they need others to see in them too. The branding needs to be a reflection of who they are.

I have to say, Ernie is one of the MOST professional and fun to work with realtor I have met. His team has an amazing leader in him and I think it got very evident when we did the team’s round of fun headshots.

So we asked Ernie a little bit about his business… 

Ernie Why you do what you do?
I am absolutely in love with my job. It can be a very stressful time in peoples lives with all the details of preparing a home for rent or for sale. Dealing with the many vendors and juggling appointments with service contractors can be very overwhelming. Then there is the marketing period of professional photography and vetting fantastic tenants or well qualified buyers! I love removing that stress. I thoroughly enjoy prepping a home, painting, remodeling, landscaping, even clearing it out and moving junk to the junkyard! Finding that home a new steward is extremely rewarding. This being said, I also love architecture, design and style. I love going to open houses and on brokers tours simply to look at how other people live or in a stage house, how they could live!
How has COVID changed your business model?
Covid has not changed my love of Real Estate. However, it has made it much more difficult to show property. If a home is occupied, only 3 people can be in the home at one time, so that can make showings very limited. Everyone also needs to sign a disclosure about the risks of entering a home that could potentially have covid-19. We are also not allowed to do open houses or broker tours so it does make it difficult to meet new buyers and sellers or to meet groups of people wanting to rent homes. Everyone must have an appointment, sign a disclosure,  have reviewed all pictures and videos to try and get an appointment to view the property. In reality, my job has gotten so much busier!
What things did you end up changing to workaround this new way of life?
I have learned how to use my video feature on my iphone pretty well! We have to be exceptionally clean and sanitary by wiping down door handles and surfaces, so I travel with a cleaning kit. I drive a lot! I am constantly showing properties since I cannot send clients or potential tenants to open houses. So glad the price of gas is low!
Ha ha Ernie we agree, there is a silver lining there!!
So Ernie what makes you different?
I think I have a lot of fun in this job. It is definitely serious business as this is usually the biggest investment people make in their lives and with rental property, it can be the property owners’ livelihood. I think I bring a balance of fun and easiness to property investment all while understanding the complete importance and earnestness of properly handling the investment.
When you are not working what will we find you?
I love to walk my dogs or go for a jog. But in another time, you could see me out eating somewhere yummy!