business Branding with Care

Everyone has a reason, their why … WHY they do things they do. What makes their heart sing, what brings them joy, what fills their soul and what they are destined to do. 

In my profession I capture such stories in photographs. I capture people’s why.

So how do you capture the story of a business that provides service and care to the most vulnerable generation? How do you brand their soul into portraits? You understand their story and then bring their honest soul into their branding photos.

When I met David, he shared his journey and the story of his dad’s battle with cancer and his demise. That loss of a loved one gave birth to Exception Senior placement and it became his voice, the relief and his passion. His way to give back to those who have a loved one going through the last phase of their journey. 

We asked David & Rachel of Exceptional Senior Placement and they shared…

What is your company’s mission and your beliefs & core values?

 For Rachel and I, it is our mission to be the people we wish we had during our Dad’s battle with cancer.  Those angels provided empathy, guidance, and trusted information that allowed us to best navigate the challenges we faced.  We are building our company and team with that being our north star.

What drives you to passionately follow your job?

 We have been in our client’s position. Stressed, managing work, children and then your parents care, hospital appointments …it’s all completely overwhelming.  Our work is truly rewarding on a daily basis as we talk to new families who we can immediately help use our knowledge to help reduce their stress.  We work to educate and create a path forward that is unique to each client.  

 How is did evolve with the pandemic hitting the world and your business this year?

This has been truly a challenging year as our industry has gotten turned upside down with Covid.  It has been a daily fluid situation trying to navigate how to keep our loved ones both safe while maintaining a high quality of life.  It has been a challenge staying on top of the changes county to county as they continued to evolve and even communities themselves would implement their own policies.  Then with all our client’s we are normally working together in person and now everything is done remotely so new challenges there.

 Where do you see your business heading in the next few years?

We are really excited about our business over the next few years.  We are continuing to look at growing our team in the right areas and build tools that can continue to elevate the experience for our clients as we navigate this journey together.

 How do you intent branding helping you with your company’s mission?

We are in a human to human business that is focused on very personal core values so all of that has to be reflected in our brand.  This is personal for us and we align that with personalized photos of our team and our own families on our website.  Instead of About Us it’s Our Why to help us personally connect with our clients.  We are trying to help future clients know who we are, why we do this, and how we can help.  That has proven to help us connect with amazing clients who we are very grateful to be able to help.

Need help finding your loved one exceptional care?? David can be reached HERE.