Newborn Photography – A specialized skill

I am tempted to write this up as a newborn photographer today.

I have had a lot of new parents enquire about newborn packages with me. So to educate all those new moms and dads, here we go.

Newborn photographers can do their magic best when the little one is between 6-14 days old. That is the best time to get the cuddly , snuggled cute images of your little one. Please know they will not be this little for too long.

Their sleeping patterns, eating habits all change. Baby acne, cradle cap start to show up. They need to feed more often, sleep lesser and need more snuggles from mom. For all those reason I advise my clients to shop around for the newborn photo services much in advance and call your chosen photographer the time you deliver.

Soon new parents will be sleep deprived , tired and calling their photographer will be the last thing on their mind.

By the time they realize it is no longer possible to get back time and the tiny toes and features of your little ones. However having that date on the calendar will help your photographer remind you of the session and will help out with the planning. You will get enough time to choose your preferred colors, bands and props.

The best time to shop for your newborn photographer is while you are pregnant. Book your session and let your photographer know when you deliver so you get your session date in time.

So what is too early?

Any time before day 6 I think is too early. You can still do it but it takes time for mother’s milk to come in and babies get hungry very quickly. Which means they eat more frequently. So my 2 cents is that your photographer will schedule your session anytime between 6 and 14 days.

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