Pooja Photography Wins a Merit Award at Professional Photographers of America

Pooja Photography is proud to have been recognized at the International Photographic Competition that’s hosted each year by Professional Photographers of America(PPA). Portrait photographers submit work from all around the world, and their photographs are judged on twelve different categories, such as creativity, technical excellence, and storytelling. A hundred point system is tallied up to rank the contestants, and Pooja Photography won a merit award. You can read about the portrait and the inspiration to make something different below. 

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Mother of the Universe

This image was meant to convey all of the everyday tasks that fall into the lap of a woman by portraying her as the beloved Hindu goddess Durga. In Hindu legends, Goddess Durga has many hands and is shown holding weapons that can vanquish any evil. She’s considered a protector as well as the mother of the whole universe. This photograph takes a playfully modern approach to what the modern role of a mother is. Instead of brandishing a bow and arrow or a sword, the everyday woman is now endowed with various responsibilities. From taking care of work, paying the bills, bearing a child, feeding the family, or taking care of her social image—all with a smile on her face. “All in a Day’s Work” is that everyday woman playing many roles, yet making them look effortless. 

Photography as Art

The most important thing when it comes to any kind of art is that it speaks to people in some way. Of course, not all art has to be serious—and much of it isn’t, but photography is more than “point and shoot.” It’s another way to tell a story, but this time, without words. Often, images can reach something deeper within us, bypassing the intellect. We might even be surprised by the feelings they evoke. So, when you’re looking for portrait photographers, make sure to schedule your session with someone who approaches your photo shoot with curiosity about who you are and your own unique story. 

Hiring Portrait Photographers

If you’ve been putting off hiring professional portrait photographers, it might be time for you to take action so that you can start planning ahead! Hiring portrait photographers is a fun way to express yourself. Remember, it’s not just about picking the best Bay Area photographer, but also making sure they’re someone you’ll enjoy spending time with. After all, helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera is half of a photographer’s job. 

Whether you need portrait photography for a special anniversary photo shoot, or newborn family photos, you won’t regret capturing those moments and preserving them forever. 

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