Is your baby safety your PRIME concern?

Are you putting your newborn at risk? Is the baby’s safety your main concern?

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to see their newborn in wrong hands. When you are expecting a baby, you look for the best. The best crib, the best stroller , the best doctor and the best care you can give to your baby. So why does the best end there?

When it comes to a newborn photographer the best is still a requirement. It is NOT optional.

These little ones need to be handled by a professional who knows what they are doing. No baby should be forced into a pose they are not comfortable in. At Pooja Photography, we know how it is to hand over your most precious being in someone’s hands. So we know we need to be the able hands that you can trust.

Poses that keep the baby safe. Keep an alert eye for how their body reacts under your fingers. Composites like these are made with baby’s safety as our No#1 priority  to keep your newborn baby comfortable while creating gorgeous and the most beautiful photos for you.

Never cut corners and hire a photographer who can put your baby at risk. Ask it worth it?


Babies cannot hold their heads. They need support and safety all the time. Safe posing is crucial and so is a professional who understands newborn photography.

baby safety composite

All Posing is done with baby safe on the ground completely secure.

baby safety composite

Tell me more.

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