Baby Photography Ideas

If you’ve been googling, “baby photographers near me,” you’re probably also looking for some cute ideas for your newborn family photos. After all, they grow up so fast. Capture the sweetest moments with these 9 adorabubble ideas you won’t want to miss.

Baby Photography Tips

1) Fun Hats

One simple way to add cuteness to any newborn photography session is with fun hats. For example, a knit hat with teddy bear or bunny ears is a sweet trend that is easy to pull off.

2) Themed Photos

Depending on the time of year, you might want to consider a theme for your baby photos. Flowers are abundant in the spring, while summer is more beachy. For an autumn shoot, pumpkins are popular for newborn family photos. And winter, of course, is a time for a snowy aesthetic and evergreen wreaths.

3) Textured Blankets

Textured blankets are the perfect prop for newborn photography. Wide-knit materials, tassels, or faux fur can all add an interesting visual element to your photos. Or, maybe you have a special quilt that’s been in your family for years. Blankets also help to add color and keep your baby comfortable during newborn family photos.

4) Little Fairy or Mermaid

A pair of gauzy wings can quickly turn a sleeping baby into a little fairy. Use blossoming flowers and ribbons as props. Another cute idea is to dress your child like a mermaid. Colorful shells or driftwood are the perfect props for this look.

5) Capture Charming Details

It’s hard to imagine now, but your baby will only be tiny for so long. Capture charming details, like a sweet closeup of your baby’s little feet and hands, before you miss out on the opportunity to hold onto these precious moments.

6) Dinosaur Outfit

A dino outfit is another playful idea. You could keep it simple with a knit hat, or choose a fun romper with faux spines. There are so many options and colors to choose from.

7) The Nest

If you’re looking for a more natural idea, creating the appearance of a nest is one way to go. There are a variety of ways to create this look, and your newborn photographer probably has a favorite method. People often use wicker baskets or wreaths as a starting point. Moss, flowers, blankets, or twinkle lights can be added to make it look cozy.

8) Favorite Toys

If your child is a little older, photographing them with a favorite toy can help keep them happy during the session. You might bring along a treasured stuffed animal, rattle, or ball to keep them entertained.

9) Family Pets

Aside from toys or other props, a beloved pet is a sweet addition to newborn family photos. Dogs are often especially supportive when it comes to our emotional well-being.

Baby Photographers Near Me?

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