Hey Mr/Ms Photographer…

Yes you. I am talking to you. If you call yourself a professional, please know you have a big responsibility.

You see, when you create someone’s portrait, you make their image permanent on their soul.

So when you create an unflattering photograph, you crush their soul little by little. That impression stays with them for a lifetime and their confidence takes a deep dive.

If you don’t know what I mean, please read ahead.

A woman who has been struggling to lose that weight she gained because of her illness or the baby starts shying away from the camera. She ceases to exist in those memories that her kids will cherish as time goes by. If you pose her wrong, bring unflattering angles in your art, you destroy her image.

If you emphasize someone’s receeding hairline , create angles showing off double chin or enhancing the wrinkles with poor choice of angles and lighting, you do not know your craft. Please learn it well because its not just a picture we build , its someone’s self confidence, someone’s image, someone’s memories we are creating.

Please see the beauty in people and shine their light. You have a big respobnsibility you see. You can boost someone’s self confidence by knowing and owning your craft and by seeing the best in people.

Anything less, isn’t acceptable from a professional.