What a professional Photographer does for you.

Syling & Wardrobe – Clothing translates differently on camera vs in-person.  Your outfits and styling needs to reflect not just your brand but also connext to your audience.

Background – The right background makes or breaks a headshot. Harmonious colors ensure the focus is on you and you only. There are no distractions or you cropping yourself from another portrait.

Connection – Your eyes speak a language that your audience will connect to. No words needed. A single impressive image can noy just connect but also leave an impact on your client/boss. Make sure you talk to your photographer so they bring the best out of you,

Lighting – The right lighting will create the right look. Different body shapes are lighted differently to make them most flattering. Different lighting create different impact. Back lit images are dreamy and soft where as broad and narrow lighting create a very different imapct. A pro will know whats best for you.