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Maternity boudoir photography is on the rise, especially for moms-to-be looking to celebrate their ever-changing body in a memorable way. While maternity boudoir isn’t for everyone, more and more women are scheduling pregnancy boudoir shoots.

The most commonly asked question is  when should you schedule a maternity session? Below is a list of possible times to have your maternity boudoir shoot done as well as what you can expect during the photography session.

Maternity Boudoir Photography Timeline

As with any other type of boudoir photo session, pregnancy boudoir has its own timeline. A good plan will make sure sessions run smoothly while creating beautiful images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Early Pregnancy

Any time late into your first trimester provides a great opportunity to have maternity photos taken as this is when most women are just starting to show but may not need to wear special maternity clothing yet. This is a great time to get your gorgeous lingerie to showcase your baby bump.

Early Second Trimester

If you’re looking for pregnancy photos that flaunt your baby bump, plan to have maternity boudoir photos done in the second trimester, which is around 12 weeks gestation. Around this time, mom-to-be will look more pregnant and may need to wear maternity clothing.

Mid Third Trimester

This is when most women choose to schedule maternity boudoir photography due to their fuller figures. The belly is curvy and flattering while still being comfortable.

Late Third Trimester

This is considered the final stage of pregnancy, when mom-to-be will look like she’s ready to pop. The tummy may be heavy, and mom will be at her maximum pregnancy. This might be your ideal time to schedule a session, as this will capture your body while it is fully pregnant. It is up to you!

Maternity Photography Timing Matters

There are many factors that go into choosing when you should schedule maternity boudoir photography, including your due date, desired outcome, and body shape. The problem with scheduling maternity photos too early is that the baby bump isn’t large enough for boudoir shots (unless you are very petite). It is also not wise to schedule too late as you might not feel comfortable or may need to spend that time resting. If you plan to schedule a shoot, it is up to you, but you may not want to schedule when you are eight or nine months pregnant because you may want plenty of time to relax and prepare physically, emotionally, and mentally for labor and delivery.

Every pregnancy timeline is different; schedule your maternity boudoir photography session based on what works best for you. Keep in mind that once baby arrives, all bets are off! 

Schedule Maternity Boudoir Photography

Not sure which timeline is best for your maternity boudoir shoot? Feel free to reach out, and I’ll help you decide which option is best for you. Pooja Photography is always here to guide you, answer your questions, and give you the service you deserve. Click here to give us a call or send me a message.