Women Leaders in Action!

Kailyn Sarros aka. Kim . When we met for the first time, I remember sitting down on the couch legs comfortably folded like two friends chatting about life.  She was starting this new venture and I needed to know more before we would design her personal branding session.
She shared her journey, her motivation and her story. Her passion lies in uplifting women in leadership roles. Her stories so real, her journey her own. With that experience came a zeal to help women who struggle moving into the high leadership postion. We chatted branding, colors, styling and story telling so our message for her brand is clear.
A few of those chats that make each branding so unique.

Who is Kailyn Sarros?

I am a Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Reiki Master with a background in business management and holistic wellness. My passion lies in helping women leaders and entrepreneurs shift their mindset, gain clarity, and increase focus, empowering them to lead fully with integrity and joy.
I bring over two decades of experience in the roles of small business owner and solopreneur to my practice, combined with a background in corporate leadership and training.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education with a concentration in coaching and personal development. My diverse education and entrepreneurial background have taught me that every aspect of business and personal mastery are intricately connected and that sustainable results come through a holistic and balanced approach to success.

What made you start this journey?

Having been blessed with success in my own leadership journey, I am inspired to give back by helping other feminine leaders to reach their full potential.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by powerful women leaders who have gone before me, especially women who have broken boundaries to make it possible for feminine leaders to stand up and stand out today.

Who are your ideal clients?

My ideal clients are women who are leading teams for the first time, or who aspire to move into leadership roles.

How can you help them?

I help these new and aspiring leaders learn the art of feminine leadership with coaching packages custom designed to help them get on the path to living into their authentic leadership style, while gaining more balance enabling them to have the time, freedom, and flexibility to live their best life. I do this with a combination of foundational mindset work, goal setting, and creating an environment in which my clients feel the freedom to experiment with – and learn from their evolving leadership style.

What makes you unique?

I have a diverse background in holistic health with a coaching focus and business management and I bring a holistic perspective. I am also a Reiki master and I bring energy work and energetic concepts to my practice.
Additionally, my corporate role provides current hands-on leadership experience that continually informs my coaching practice, giving me the opportunity to coach from real-life experience that goes beyond leadership theory.
To serve at my best, I work with a small set of one-on-one coaching clients at any given time.
When you are not following your heart and passion ( your new venture), what makes your heart sing( hobbies)?
I am a huge advocate of animal rescue and have two rescue terriers at home. I love spending time hiking and venturing out with my dogs. I can’t live without coffee and also love dance, opera, and binging old school mystery shows on Britt Box.

Any advice you like to share with the world?

We all have to start somewhere. Where you begin is not nearly as important as where you finish.