Since every family has a unique style and different wants or needs for their portraits, every session at Pooja Photography is fully customized to each of my clients. I’ve found that sometimes it can be a little confusing and stressful to know which style of maternity photography to choose for your session! 

Timeless Portraits

There are two main styles of maternity portraits. Perhaps you are looking for something more traditional and sophisticated, like a gorgeous, timeless family portrait to hang over the mantle or in the family room. Choosing in-studio portraits is perfect for this, as it’s a dramatic and classic style that focuses solely on the family without distracting backgrounds. Don’t worry, in-studio portraits don’t have to be stuffy or cheesy! I specialize in high-quality, classic portraits and help you pick outfits that will give you gorgeous, timeless pieces of art that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Candid Portraits

Another popular, more casual style of maternity photography is outdoor/lifestyle. Lifestyle photography is typically done outside or in a family’s home, capturing the soon-to-be mom and her family candidly as they interact. There is typically very little posing as everything is natural. Just be careful to consult with your photographer before your shoot for your in-home or on location shoot. Choosing a location, background, the right time of day and lighting for your maternity portraits is super important when it comes to capturing gorgeous photos that you will treasure for a lifetime!

Schedule Maternity Portraits

Not sure which style is best? Feel free to reach out and I will walk you through a few questions and help you decide which direction is best for your needs, as well as how to choose outfits! Pooja Photography is a studio that specializes in studio portraiture, but we’re always here to help guide you and answer all your questions so you get the very best service you deserve.