Falling in LOVE with the Autumn colors of California

I have been living in North California for years now. For those who live here , know the falls colors are not consistent. And definitely not anything like the ones we see in photos from Maine/New Hampshire … all of that gorgeous East coast.

Until I visited Mammoth , CA this year. I have been mind blown with the yellows of the leaves, the clear water in the lakes and the reflections of the hills that make the Fall season so unique in California.

These photos were taken at Convict Lake . A 3 mile hike around the lake is like probably how heaven would feel. You could spend a whoile day here at the lake, boating, bird watching and just enjoying the color madness that autumn brings.

It lasts only for a little while, maybe two weeks so you have to catch it at the right time.

The night we were there , there were fires nearby and that forced us to cut our trip short . The smoke got so horribly bad that it got hard to breathe. What you see in these photos are the striking contrast of the fires buring against the peaceful serenity of Milky Way…our galaxy.

But will I go back again next year? YES DEFINITELY!! Nothign comes close to the beauty of this place when fall is ripe.

The beautiful Mammoth lakes of California.