Bay Area's Published Family and Portrait Photographer. Headshots, Branding, Family Photography

Pooja Photography is a published Portrait photographer based out of Bay Area , California. She is known for creating artistic and elegant styled images.

I am a mother of two beautiful kids who keep me on my toes and drive me to become who I am today.

I started photographing early when I was able to buy my own camera but my little ones were the reason behind bring that passion back into my life when I had almost lost it.

Few years back motherhood took over and I had lost myself behind everyday duties. I was constantly hiding behind my camera , clicking away and those few years I don’t have very many photos with my kids to even reminiscence that I was part of their lives..

This is how I re-discovered myself..

After a constant internal struggle I finally decided to taking my love for photography to the next level and make it into a professional business.

I invited 5 women to my studio for a portfolio building session. These women were beautiful moms who lived the life of girl next door. They were mothers, wife and very hard working women. 

During these sessions we had beautiful makeup and hair services and music.  It was this experience when I discovered how these sessions were helping women overcome their fears , their anxiety , their self doubts . It brought back their confidence.

So here I was helping these women through my sessions and little did I realize how immensely I was helping myself.

I was a reflection of all the self doubt that these amazing moms’ faced. It took me a long time to get over that and become this person I am today. I am not just a mother or a wife.

I am who I choose to be.

There was no looking back since then and I have come a long way.

I want to offer this experience to all the amazing, strong women out there and show them how truly beautiful they are. These images that you create are your reflection and will be your legacy for years to come.

Bring in your daughter, family, best friend and experience what custom portraiture sessions feel like. They are customized just for you.