Bay Area's Published Family and Portrait Photographer. Headshots, Branding, Family Photography

Pooja Photography is a published Portrait photographer based out of Bay Area , California. She is known for creating artistic and elegant styled images. She is also a proud WPPI and BNI member who believes quality and great service is everyone’s desire.

In her words:

I am a mother of two beautiful kids who keep me on my toes and drive me to become who I am today.

Photography is what I wanted to do ever since I was in Eighth grade. Looking at those mountains covered in snow followed by glacier made river , sand and boulders, my passion was to share that beauty with the world.

I want to create memories and capture moments for you. Sometimes these moments  come as a  smile of a baby, sometimes in the connection of the eyes, sometimes in the way families stand by each other and sometimes in a headshot to show someone’s success and pride.

Sometimes when my heart sings I photograph a humming bird or a majestic landscape. 

My purpose in life is to  bring your vision come true with my creativity. Come share with me how you would like to be photographed.